Int Nord Uch Fin EE Ch FinW-10
Mainland's Powerpoint

"Macho" stay at kennel Sunsweet in Finland from April 2009 to late November 2011.
A big thank you to Marita for taking so good care of him, and showing him perfectly for his new titles.

CCs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estland. CAC in Austria. Cacibs in Norway, Finland & Estland. Int Ch 2011.

 Tri dog  39 cms, CEA clear, HD clear (A)
 Born  2004-10-08
 Breeder  Kennel Mainland

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GB Ch Int S N DK Uch NL Ch NW-06,-08,-10 KBHW06,-09 AmsW'06 NordW-08 SW-09 Edglonian The Real McCoy
S Uch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren Milesend Stroller GB Ch Milesend Stormwarden Tegwel Wild Ways Of Sandwick
Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend
Milesend Come Dancing Callart the Dancing Flames
Milesend Move Along Smartly
Edglonian Rather A Dark Glow GB Ch Milesend Stormwarden Tegwel Wild Ways Of Sandwick
Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend
Edglonian Rather Cordial Our Barny Of Edglonian
Edglonian Rather A Jewel
GB Ch N S Uch SW-06 Edglonian Miss Sofisticated GB Ch Milesend Stormwarden GB Ch Tegwel Wild Ways Of Sandwick Lythwood Sky Master
Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel
Chelmarsh Countess at Milesend Milesend Trivial Pursuit
Chelmarsh Spring Susanna
Edglonian Rather Cordial GB Ch Our Barny of Edglonian Edglonian Minstrel Boy Of Newsprig
Rhinog Rather Elegant
Edglonian Rather a Jewel Francehill Goodwill
Edglonian Rather A Cutie
N Uch Moorwood Sweet Sensation
Aust NZ Ch Int Nord DK Uch NordV-97 Riabel Son of a Gun Aust NZ Ch Edenmist Rush N Roulette Aust Ch Nigma Nikoli Nigma Nobel
Nigma Nostalgia
NZ Aust Ch Lubrabend Wine N Roses Jentam Sonsuki Tequila
Lubrabend Lady Kathryn
Maidrin Mhairi Dhu Raydell Royal Beau Paramale Beau Jangles
Raydell Remember Me
Maidrin Memories Shellwood Sultan
Maidrin Mystic Melody
Moorwood Glowing Personality Int S N Uch Nigma Saffron Nigma Nostradamus Moorwood Copper Lustre
Nigma Nostalgia
Aust Ch Nigma Erica Lubrabend Rum NCoke
Nigma Nostalgia
Moorwood Glowing Fantasy World S Fin Ch Moorwood Copper Lustre Shelfrect Stroller
Ingleside Golden Cascade
Moorwood Glisted Joy Moorwood Wild Image
Moorwood Petula Gold


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